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Muttons & Nuts is a letterpress and bookbinding workshop run by Phil Treble. I am a typographer based in Kingston upon Hull who has worked in both print and digital design for over 20 years. In 2011 I borrowed a small table-top platen press, and have been collecting equipment and refining my technique ever since.

Handmade limited-edition printed items


Letterpress is the traditional way of printing text using moveable type. This is a relief method of printing where the type is arranged and locked up in a chase, ink is then applied using rollers and the print is taken on paper using pressure which often results in a slight indentation where the type sinks into the paper.


Books are created by taking the printed paper, folding into folios, collating into signatures, sewing the signatures together and casing them in a cover.


Come and spend the day with me printing something. This could be Christmas Cards, invitations, posters. You’ll get one to one tuition in typesetting and printing and go home with something you’ve printed yourself. Give me a call to discuss.

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